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A guide to vitamins during pregnancy

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Busy lifestyles affect us all these days, so it is vital that we maintain good health. It is even more important to keep your body nourished when pregnant. Here are some of the vitamins to supplement your diet when pregnant.

1. Folic Acid

Helps reduce birth defects and aids red blood cell production. Should be taken by all women trying to have a baby and up to week 12 of the pregnancy.

2. Vitamin C

For general health and immune system. Also helps the body absorb iron.

3. Vitamin B12

Important for making new cells, especially blood cells, and for building a healthy nervous system.

4. Iron

Wards of anaemia, a condition that results from a lack of healthy blood cells.

5. Vitamin D

Needed for healthy bones and teeth. Also needed to provide your baby with enough vitamin D for the first few months.

6. Calcium

Not only essential for building bones, but also for the development and function of other parts and organs, including teeth, nerves and the heart.

Many women also like to use the following supplements:

  • Evening Primrose Oil for stretch marks
  • Ginger for morning sickness
  • Omega 3 for foetal brain development

Avoid Vitamin A supplements or any supplement containing vitamin A as too much could harm your baby.

As always, check with your GP before starting any course of vitamins and supplements. 

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