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Adam Nash

Health, nutrition and sports writer

Adam Nash is a health, nutrition and sports writer who has had work published by Healthspan, and the Professional Football Association.

23 contributions to Nutrition Expert


Is fat really that bad for you?

Discover which fats are essential for maintaining a healthy body...

Published: 18/11/2013


How to cope with the menopause

What to expect during this natural life stage....

Published: 02/09/2013

Heart Stress

Could stress damage your heart?

How to reduce stress levels and keep your heart healthy....

Published: 09/09/2013

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks for a strong heart

How can your snack choices benefit your heart?...

Published: 24/03/2014

How to maintain a healthy heart

How to maintain a healthy heart

Do you know how your heart works and how to keep it healthy?...

Published: 13/03/2014


How to cope with fibromyalgia

Top tips to help manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia...

Published: 27/08/2014


Beetroot: the new superfood

What is beetroot and why is it so good for us?...

Published: 27/05/2014

Bad Food

Five ‘bad’ foods which could actually be good for you

Can a bad food still have health benefits?...

Published: 08/05/2014

No Carb Diet

The facts behind no-carb diets

No-carb or extremely low-carb diets have seen a revival and are often endorsed by celebrities...

Published: 29/05/2014

Allergic Asthma

Keep allergic asthma under control

Find out how lifestyle changes and supplements could help ease asthma symptoms...

Published: 07/04/2014

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