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Bright future

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Bright future

American scientists have discovered a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and the development of Alzheimer's disease.

A study from the University of California (comprised of 382 men and women aged between 60 and 90), showed that those with a vitamin D deficiency were more prone to dementia than those who maintained a substantial vitamin D intake.

People with low vitamin D declined [mentally] three times faster than those with adequate levels, says Josh Miller, Professor of Nutritional Science at Rutgers School of Environmental Biological Sciences, New Jersey. The study clearly shows vitamin D deficiency puts people at risk and accelerates the development of dementia, adds Christian Holscher, dementia researcher at the University of Lancaster.

Experts estimate that one in five adults and one in five children have low vitamin D levels (an estimated 10 million people in England alone), while a new dementia case is diagnosed every three minutes in the UK.

Vitamin D is formed by the action of sun rays on your skin, so throughout winter your blood levels can plummet. Food sources include oily fish and fortified foods or you may consider a supplement.

A direct link between vitamin D deficiency and Alzheimer's disease has now been discovered.

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