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New research reveals the healthiest and youngest feeling cities in the UK

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New research carried out by high street hearing specialists, Hidden Hearing, reveals that two thirds of Brits feel younger than their years, with a third feeling a staggering 10-20 years their junior! However, not all areas of the UK felt equally youthful. The city of Bath was the clear winner with 80% of residents feeling younger than their biological age, compared to Liverpudlians, where the majority feel older than their years!

Youngest feeling UK cities:

1.    Bath

2.    Sheffield

3.    Edinburgh

4.    Salisbury

5.    London

6.    Brighton

7.    Leeds

8.    Glasgow

9.    South Hampton

10.  Norwich


The survey which was carried out on men and women aged over 40 years old looked at the nation’s overall health and wellbeing and the key factors behind why people feel healthy and youthful. On average, the over 40s exercise a healthy three times a week, however when it comes to diet, three quarters of over 40’s admit to not getting their recommended five a day.

Top 5 factors that make people feel youthful:

1.    Socialising with friends and family

2.    Healthy senses

3.    Grandchildren

4.    Youthful looks

5.    Healthy sex life


Having good eye sight and hearing was voted as a key factor in keeping people feeling young

The research by Hidden Hearing also looked into people’s habits when it came to health checks. Three quarters of people visit their optician every 1-2 years, and almost two thirds visit their dentist every 6-12 months. Despite these statistics showing many Brits are proactive when it comes to some aspects of their health, the same rule doesn’t apply when it comes to our hearing, blood pressure or cholesterol. Two thirds of people in the UK have never had their hearing tested, despite 55% noticing their hearing has declined, and a further 40% find socialising in larger groups harder than they used to due to background noise. As for blood pressure, only one in four people visit their GP for their annual check-up recommended to over 40s and a third of people cannot remember the last time they had their cholesterol checked.


“Despite ‘healthy senses’ being voted as an important reason for keeping people feeling young, two thirds of Brits have never had or cannot remember the last time they had a hearing test!” Says Peter Sydserff, Audiologist at Hidden Hearing and Past President of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists


“Our hearing is what keeps us connected, happy and feeling youthful, yet the research is showing that people are still not having regular hearing tests despite hearing loss being a concern for half the population. People are going for regular dental and eye checkups, but hearing seems to be that forgotten sense, however left untreated, it can have a big impact on a person’s quality of life and relationships. ” Explains Peter Sydserff.


In addition to lifestyle habits and physical health, the research also looked at the UK’s perceived cognitive function. Over half of those surveyed had noticed a decline in their memory and one in two admit to regularly forgetting people’s names.

Hearing and Health: Did You Know...

1.    Dementia – People with hearing loss are 2-5 times more likely to develop dementia

2.    Diabetes - If you have diabetes you are twice as likely to have a hearing loss

3.    Heart - A healthy cardiovascular system has a positive effect on hearing


Dementia risk increases by 2-5 times if a person has hearing loss

“The link between hearing loss and conditions associated with memory loss and mental decline is something which the majority of people in the survey were unaware of, yet research shows that those with mild to significant hearing loss are between two and five3 times more likely to develop dementia. When a hearing loss is left undiagnosed, the brain is overwhelmed trying to decipher sounds which is tiring physically as well as mentally; leaving them more vulnerable to dementia. It’s therefore ever more important that anyone concerned about their hearing should not delay in seeking help and make getting a hearing test part of their yearly health routine.”  Says Peter Sydserff.  

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Hidden Hearing is a high-street hearing specialist with 50 years’ experience in hearing healthcare. Hidden Hearing is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care across their national network of 263 UK centres, providing free hearing tests, advice and information on the latest hearing technology.

More than 300,000 people in the UK are helped each year by Hidden Hearing. To find your nearest hearing centre or to book a free hearing screen call 0800 037 2060 or visit Hidden Hearing.


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At Hidden Hearing, we are proud to offer a complete lifetime hearing care service, from consultation and supply, to aftercare and maintenance.

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