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What is the impact of leaving your hearing loss undiagnosed?

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Hearing loss can affect people of any age. You can lose your hearing over time or you can be born with a hearing loss. It could be the result of your ears ageing or could be the result of exposure to very loud noise that causes damage.

Whatever the reason for your hearing loss, it is recommended that you get your hearing tested as soon as you feel you might be having trouble. Getting your hearing tested may not only help you get the solution you need but also might help to identify other health issues that may be impacting you. Undiagnosed hearing loss can disguise other health issues.


What health conditions are linked to hearing loss?

Dementia or Cognitive Decline

Studies by John Hopkins and the National Institute of Aging Research (USA) have suggested that a loss of hearing in later life may significantly increase the chances of developing dementia compared to those who retain their hearing.

During an 18 year study, it was found that those with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss were twofold, threefold and fivefold, respectively, more likely to develop dementia/ compared to those who retained a normal level of hearing.

Straining to hear can cause cognitive fatigue which can leave the brain more vulnerable to dementia.

It is best to get your hearing tested as soon as you feel you may have a loss so that a solution can be provided for you as soon as possible.

Heart Disease

Studies have shown that your hearing health and your heart are connected and it is advised that those who have their hearing checked also get their cardiovascular health checked too.

Your ears rely on a good blood flow to the inner ear. Having good cardiovascular health can help with your hearing. When there is poor blood flow, your hearing may be affected.

This type of hearing loss can often be very sudden due to the loss of blood flow to the cochlear. Therefore, a sudden hearing loss may be a sign of cardiovascular disease.

If you have experienced a sudden loss of hearing, it is advised to get your hearing and heart health checked as soon as possible.


According to some studies, those with diabetes are twice more likely to develop a hearing loss than those who don’t suffer from diabetes.

The studies have highlighted that those diabetes should not only have regular eyesight check-ups, but also regular hearing tests to make the ears are not damaged due to the diabetes.

Social Implications

Hearing Loss can have an effect on your social wellbeing as well as your physical and mental wellbeing.

There have been studies that highlight the benefit of using hearing aids. Older people who have an untreated hearing loss can often suffer negative effects compared to those who seek treatment.

It can be that those with untreated hearing loss withdraw from social situations due to not being able to hear, may feel insecure, depressed, anxious which may have a further effect on personal and professional relationships.

Those who seek help, on the other hand, are more likely to report benefits of using hearing aids; including, improved mental health, increased independence and security and better feelings about themselves.

What can you do?

Getting your hearing tested is a good first step in making sure your health is in check.

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